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Yozgat Museum is in Nizamoğlu Mansion. The mansion was built by a non-Muslim Ottoman citizen in the 19th century and later bought by the Nizamoğlu family. It is known as Nizamoğlu Mansion, referring to this family. The mansion was completed in 1871. It is a partially stone-walled building on the ground floor, with all the remaining parts of it wooden. The Nizamoğlu family lived in the mansion until the 1970s. During these years, the building was used as a Girl's Art School for a period and as a monopoly building for a period of time. The building was expropriated in 1979. After the restoration that lasted until 1984, it was opened as a museum in 1985. Works are exhibited in 10 halls in total.

Archaeological artifacts unearthed in our city are exhibited in four halls which are downstairs of our mansion. In other halls, there are ethnographic works created by the Turkish-Islamic Civilization, which are of historical value. In the garden, earthworks from Yozgat and its districts are exhibited. The most beautiful ceiling decorations and paintings of Nizamoğlu Mansion are situated in two rooms on the second floor and the guests who came to the mansion were hosted in these rooms. The ceilings of the rooms, whose paints and embroideries are original, are decorated by hand, like a carpet. The subjects, the richness of which is striking, such as Prophet Solomon's justice, seeing Jesus in fire, Napoleon's wars, and Yozgat Fire are depicted in the paintings on the ceiling skirt of the first room. The date of 1871 when the paintings were made is indicated in the composition on the south skirt of the ceiling. In the second room, pictures about nature and fairy tales are the focus of attraction. Standing for 140 years, the mansion today serves as a museum and welcomes its visitors.


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Yozgat Museum İstanbulluoğlu Mahallesi Müze Caddesi No:19 66100 Merkez /YOZGAT
+90 (354) 212-2773
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